Dan is a member of the Kino Rotary Club, has been a Rotarian since 1989, and was a Rotary Past Club President in 07-08. He also has been a Toastmaster for over 40 years, and is recognized as a Distinguished Toastmaster. He is bilingual and has utilized those communication skills in a number of key roles at International companies.
Dan spoke to our club about his passion for communication, outlined the nurturing and supportive environment provided by Toastmasters in assisting others to become effective communicators, and how Toastmaster club members come, participate, learn, and then move on to apply their new skills. He also spoke about many key elements that Toastmasters focus on, including: speaking & preparing to give a speech, the importance of listening, impromptu speaking, elevator speeches, learning who your audience is, and evaluating others skills. He emphasized effective communication skills as an important attribute for an effective Rotary leader.