John Lenzi has more than 30 years of experience in Higher Education. At Columbia University in NYC, he held a variety of administrative and academic administration positions including University Registrar. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he held several roles including University Registrar, member of the Academic Matters Council, General Education Council, Undergraduate Education Council, Committee on Admissions & Records, and Faculty Senate.
     John spoke to us about the Lifelong Learning in Retirement program at The Highlands of Dove Mountain.  It is an affiliate of the Road Scholar Institute Network, and offers lifelong learning opportunities to retirees, both residents and non-residents of the Highlands of Dove Mountain.
      Prior to the pandemic, a wide range of formats were offered, including lectures, craft demos, foreign affairs lectures, University of Arizona & other tours, visiting art galleries, museums, and natural preserves, & attending music performances at the University of Arizona and the Highlands. During the pandemic, the tours had to be cancelled, and ZOOM & pre-recordings were utilized. As soon as practical, expansion back to original formats will occur.
     The Curriculum Committee has scheduled 12 courses scheduled for Spring 2021 with presenters who deliver high-level classes & courses. Course information can be found at or the Highlands website. Membership fees are very reasonable: $40 for Highlands residents and $50 for non-residents. 
     Several DM Rotarians participate and enjoy this program, including: Emmett Smelser, Bill Christiansen, and Prudy Abeln.