Jason Angell has been the Director of Development Services for the Town of Marana, since January, 2018. He has 20 years of experience in community development, for municipalities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Jason holds a Bachelors of Community Development from St. Cloud State University (Minnesota) and lives with his family in Marana.
     Jason provided an excellent overview of current & future residential development in Marana.
There were 851 new home permits year-to-date through November 30th, and there are currently 5 apartment projects in progress. Average residential lot sizes have been in the range of 6-7 thousand square feet. Dividing Marana into regions, the number of Dwelling Units (DU’s) planned & permitted are as follows:
REGION              PLANNED            PERMITTED
Northwest          25,565                 3,775
Northeast           15,529                 6,745
South                  14,297                 10,090

Jason highlighted the numerous development activities starting or in-progress, by region:

Gladden Farms I & II: most activity in Gladden II.
Mandarina Development: mixed use, 2500 DU’s, just starting.
SC Ranch: near Town Hall, 54 DU’s.
Villages at Barnett: 251 lots.
Preserves at Twin Peaks: 190 lots.
Twin Peaks & Lambert: 62 lots.

Saguaro Bloom: 2,500 DU’s planned, 1,086 permitted.
DeAnza: 265 residential lots, just starting.
Joplin Estates: 185 residential lots planned.
Summerstone: 150 residential lots planned.
Silverbell Gateway Apartments: 300 units planned.
Album Marana Apartments: 141 units proposed, age restricted apartments.
Alexander: 211 units planned, mixed use development.
Riverwalk Apartments: 400 units proposed.

Jason also addressed other related topics, including:
- road extensions that are part of the Town General Plan.
- a 3rd High School is not yet going forward, but property is reserved in the NW section near Town Hall.
- Long-term water availability is good.