Upcoming Service Project
MARCH 11, 4:00-6:30 PM (Wednesday) and MARCH 12, 4:00-6:30 PM (Thursday):  2020 Veterans Stand Down.  This is the week long event for homeless veterans in Tucson sponsored by the Tucson Veterans Supporting Veterans (TVSV).  We will serve the meal on both Wednesday and Thursday evening.  You may volunteer for either or both days.
  1. We provided the volunteers to serve the meals to homeless vets last year for the same event.  The 10 members who participated got at least as much of a personal thrill out of the event as the homeless vets got a culinary thrill of the meals.  It was the highlight of the entire year for Brigitte and me.  Our club voted unanimously to participate again this year.
  2. Let me share with you how amazed the TVSV organization is that a non-veteran group wants to participate.  They asked this year if they can list us as permanent volunteers helping the Veterans Stand Down.  I gave permission on your behalf. 
  3. You do NOT need to sign up at this time.  We will do an in-house sign up some time in February.
  4. After each evening we will stop at the onsite restaurant for coffee refreshments, dessert, and lots of smart talk.
  5. Words are inadequate to express the pleasure and inner sense of accomplishment from participating in this project.  Interacting with homeless vets, hearing their stories, seeing the pleasure evident on their faces as recipients of food, medical services, clothing, a warm bed to sleep in for a few days is an indescribable experience.  Join with us in helping our veterans, our communities and ourselves.  Save the dates!
Guests are welcome to participate in these activities.