Candyce Pardee, the District 5500 Youth Protection Officer, has a distinguished legal career as a child sex crimes prosecutor and as a school law attorney.  This background makes her uniquely knowledgeable on issues dealing with child safety in varied areas such as accidents, bullying/hazing, sexual harassment, discrimination, molestation and abuse.
Candy’s Rotary career has included being an active member of the Miami Rotary Club, serving as President of the Yuma Foothills & Sierra Vista Rotary Clubs, just completing 5 years as the District 5500 Secretary, and going into her 3rd year as the District 5500 Youth Protection Officer.
Candy covered a variety of topics related to Rotary Youth Protection & RI Best Practices for Working with Minors, including:
  • RI Insurance and how to get it for Rotary events
  • What to do in case of student accidents, injury, disease, deaths
  • What comprises sexual harassment or a hostile environment
  • Discrimination, prohibited practices & remedies
  • Duty to Report (A.R.S 13-3620)
  • Signs of abuse, how to report, how deliberate offenders operate
  • Behavioral Guidelines & listening to students / exchange students
A variety of resources are available on this topic including:
  • Youth Protection Officer Training (Power Point presentation)
  • District 5500 Crisis Management Policy
  • Rotary Youth Protection Guide
Click here to contact Candy and request more information or a copy of the above listed resources.