Joe & Brigitte Hentges Share Trip to India

Dove Mountain's own District Governor Joe Hentges and Honorary Member Brigitte Hentges traveled to India this year to learn about the country and to deliver polio vaccines to children 5 years old and younger. India has not seen a cast o polio since 2013, but the wild polio virus is still found in environmental samples, so it is possible for this crippling disease to attack the vulnerable if the virus is not eradicated. While in India, Joe and Brigitte visited a facility that provides surgery for crawlers )people not able to walk because of damage from polio. They also visited Jaipur where a factory produces the Jaipur foot, a prothetic that is inexpensive to produce and enables people to walk. The foot is provided at no cost to the recipients. Joe and Brigitte are grateful for their opportunity to participate in polio eradication.